Commercial Photo Gallery

Warehouse affected by fire

Fire Affects East Dearborn Commercial District

A fire destroyed a large commercial warehouse in East Dearborn on Christmas Day 2019. While that building could not be saved, we got right to working helping the near by businesses get back to work.

A Delicate Operation

This funeral home job was a delicate operation. The commercial office area needed demolition, but the public area needed to remain accessible to bereaved families. We set up containment to keep our dust away from the families and their guests.

One For The History Books

An historic commercial building in Detroit had a water leak on an upper level causing damage to the public area. Plaster and lath construction complicated the demolition. Special care was taken to minimize damage to this historic gem.

Flooded retail space

A national brand retailer's Dearborn, Michigan store flooded in the middle of the night. Our 24 hour a day, 7 days a week response team arrived in the early morning hours and got the 20,000 store open for business!

Hotel Coffee Bar

The coffee bar at this downtown Detroit hotel needed a lot of help. Heavy foot traffic and coffee spills forced the hotel to cover it with rugs. The hotel's own efforts in cleaning proved ineffective. Our commercial cleaning team used a special process to remove the stains and refresh the carpet. The carpet looks so good the hotel no longer needs to cover the area. This makes the coffee bar not only inviting but safe. Rugs can be a trip hazard so don't cover your stains. Let the pros at SERVPRO of Dearborn properly clean, sanitize and refresh them for you.