Water Damage Photo Gallery

Testing for Wet Carpets

Flood waters came rushing into this office thru the front door. After extracting, running dehumidifiers and fans for days, we test to be certain the carpet and padding are dry.

Refrigerator Water Line Danger

The water supply line bringing cool water and constant ice to you kitchen can be troublesome. Because the line is hidden, a leak can go undetected for a very long time causing extensive damage.

Water Damage in Garage

In townhouse style homes, like this Detroit condo, pipes run in unexpected places. A frozen pipe caused extensive damage in the condo's garage during a recent unprecedented cold spell.

Watery Floor

Our Crew Chief, Dan, uses a specialized meter to measure the moisture content under the floor boards. Many times in a water loss, the top layer of flooring needs to be removed so we can address underlying damage. This ensures the subfloor is thoroughly dry before any new flooring is laid.

Commercial Building Flooding

Our team arrived to a flooded Detroit warehouse at 4:00am this morning. Nicole is putting her IICRC Water Damage Restoration certification to good use today.  She is quick and efficient!