Recent Before & After Photos

Winter Storm

A heavy snow storm followed by a warm snap is nothing new in Metro Detroit. This Taylor, Michigan kitchen, located in the basement, flooded during one of these ... READ MORE

New Kitchen Floods

Our homeowner had just completed the renovations on their Taylor, Michigan home when disaster struck. The pipe which ultimately connects to the refrigerator wat... READ MORE

The Heavens Opened Up

Michigan weather! On a Friday the Detroit area received more than 12 inches of snow. Days later  the Allen Park, Michigan temperature jumped more than 30 d... READ MORE

New House, New Problems

When our client moved into their 1920s dream home, they did not expect to find mold in a bedroom. The lath and plaster construction made mold remediation more c... READ MORE

Flooded Hotel in Dearborn, MI

This enormous Dearborn, Michigan hotel and conference center had gotten new carpet just two weeks before a water main break flooded the first floor. The lobby, ... READ MORE

Sprinkler Systems Failure

The recent cold snap in the metro Detroit area has been brutal for man and beast. It has also been hard on plumbing. The cold weather caused a fire suppression ... READ MORE

Flooded Senior Complex

A Dearborn, MI senior citizens apartment complex flooded due to broken pipes on a sub zero night. The rushing waters brought down several residents' ceilings. T... READ MORE

Clutter and The leaking Pipe

This overloaded basement rec room had a water leak from the bathroom directly above it. The volume of things and disarray allowed the water to leak undetected f... READ MORE

Burning Bathroom

An unattended candle caused extensive damage to this Pontiac, Michigan home. Soot is very acidic and can cause damage to porcelain and metal bathroom fixtures. ... READ MORE

First Things First

The very first step in the fire restoration process is unloading or "packing out" the affected area. The meticulous removal of every piece of furniture and pers... READ MORE