Recent Before & After Photos

Roof Venting

The fire department cut a hole in the roof to vent an electrical fire in the kitchen of this Dearborn, Michigan home. While the fire did not directly affect the... READ MORE

Carpeting Stain Removal in Detroit, MI

This popular Downtown Detroit restaurant had significant staining on the carpet in the high traffic bar area. Their in-house cleaning crew was unable to re... READ MORE

Walk-in Refrigerator

A local high school needed their walk in refrigerator and freezer cleaned and sanitized. The mildew and mess was discovered just two weeks before school started... READ MORE

Sewage backup in bathroom

When our Dearborn, Michigan client took on a lofty bathroom remodeling project he expected the inevitable hiccup or two, but he did not expect this mess. The DI... READ MORE

Hoarding and Fire Damage

Our Melvindale, Michigan customer had fire in the dryer housed in her small, overcrowded laundry room adjacent to her kitchen. The fire department's access, as ... READ MORE

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

This busy downtown Detroit, Michigan hotel coffee bar had heavy foot traffic and plenty of coffee spills. Their in house maintenance and housekeeping staffs tri... READ MORE

Fort Street Business Center

Michigan's notorious heavy summer rains flooded this massive warehouse in Detroit filled with robotic arms for the area's auto manufacturers. It was of critical... READ MORE