Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Broken Pipe in Summer

A social service and mental health clinic serving Detroit and Dearborn, Michigan, had a pipe break in their kitchen over night. The ceiling pipe ran all night a... READ MORE

Flooring Adhesive

When this commercial building in Dearborn, MI removed the carpet from the office area, they were left with a sticky mess. When the carpet was lifted, the adhesi... READ MORE

Flooded Offices

A spring shower brought much more than spring flowers to one Dearborn business. Heavy rains caused the entry way and main hall connecting several offices to flo... READ MORE

Commercial Water Leak

This office had a sneaky leak in the toilet's water supply line. Unfortunately, the leak ran for a very long time before being discovered. Repairing this situat... READ MORE

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

This busy downtown Detroit, Michigan hotel coffee bar had heavy foot traffic and plenty of coffee spills. Their in house maintenance and housekeeping staffs tri... READ MORE

Fort Street Business Center

Michigan's notorious heavy summer rains flooded this massive warehouse in Detroit filled with robotic arms for the area's auto manufacturers. It was of critical... READ MORE